Teneh Weller
Executive Director
After ten years of teaching elementary school in San Francisco and Oakland, California, Teneh Weller founded High Expectations Consulting and has been at the forefront of promoting family engagement in education. She is an expert facilitator for the Harvard Graduate School of Education Family Engagement in Education Institute. She has served as a national facilitator and content developer for Scholastic’s Family and Community Engagement division. Weller takes leading family engagement research, such as the Dual Capacity-Building Framework, and develops implementation guidance, tools, and resources for schools and community organizations.

When I first started teaching, it was very difficult for me to connect with families. I wanted to. I tried. But I just didn’t know how. I didn’t understand who my families were - their strengths, their resources, their hopes and dreams for their children. And my families didn’t always know how to support their child’s academic success. I started this organization to support teachers and staff with the tools and skills to partner with families. I wanted to help families discover the powerful role they play in their child’s success. We have been blessed to work alongside staff and families across the country to come together, in unity, to ensure that students thrive in school.
Althia Scriven
Program Director
Althia brings her wealth of knowledge from her experience as Project Manager for the Family Academy of Durham Public Schools (DPS). Althia was instrumental in co-creating the highly successful DPS Family Academy, a platform that connects families and educators to evidence-based resources supporting student success and school improvement. With over 30 years as a district administrator, Althia has held leadership roles in family and community engagement, human resources, risk management, alternative education, and community education. Her commitment to building effective partnerships and making positive differences in the lives of children aligns perfectly with our mission.

I love working with schools and families!  I know how hard our schools work to educate students and I know how important it is to families that their children do well in school.   At High Expectations, I have  been blessed with a gift that provides me with an opportunity to talk about caring for others, sharing your heart, developing systems where we listen to understand and show support with our actions.   I also have an opportunity to share real life examples, as an educator and parent, how research supports family-school partnerships, and how relationships can make or break student learning outcomes.  Relationships really matter!
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