teachers and staff
High Expectations provides evidence-based professional development experiences (virtual and in-person) for teachers, school and community engagement staff.  We focus on building capacity for trusting relationships with families and strong home-school partnerships that lead to improved student learning outcomes.  Our 2-hour interactive workshops are asset-based, collaborative, culturally responsive and aim to provide staff with the tools, knowledge, networks, and confidence needed to effectively engage all families in their children’s learning.
Building Your “Trust Bank” with Families Using Effective Communication Practices
Participants learn and share strategies for building authentic relationships with families. They understand how to build relationships that lead to a school culture that is welcoming and supports student learning. Staff feel confident when communicating with families about their children's progress. Participants have an opportunity to develop, identify, and practice various methods that encourage strong home-school communication.
Back-to-School Night Re-Imagined
Teachers and school staff work collaboratively to reimagine Back-To-School Night as an opportunity to build relationships with families and provide them with tools and resources to support their children’s school success. Participants plan their Back-To-School presentations and activities and have opportunities to practice new skills!
Creating a Welcoming School Environment
School and district staff understand how to create a school environment where all families feel welcomed and wanted. Participants work together to identify ways to improve what families see, hear and feel when they are on campus or interacting with staff at home. This is a great professional development session for office staff!
Building Relationships During Family-Teacher Conferences
Teachers understand how to develop an individualized Family-School Action Plan with each of their families that identifies areas for growth and the role that the parent, teacher and student will play in reaching improved student outcomes.
Engaging Families in Reading Success
Grade-level teams work collaboratively to determine their reading at home expectations and identify strategies for ensuring all families have the capacity to support, monitor and encourage reading at home. Participants are provided with tools and resources to communicate expectations with families, monitor progress, motivate students, address barriers, and identify strategies that help teachers work with ALL families.
Interested in Learning More?
 If you are interested in learning more about how our professional learning experiences can be tailored specifically for your school’s needs…we’d love to hear from you!  Learning  what schools do well and creating curriculum that takes engagement to the next level is what we enjoy!  Please give us a call to learn more about staff and family learning opportunities for your school and district.